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Verein Adept – Verein zur Weitergabe der körperlichen Zentrierung durch Vorträge, Buchveröffentlichung, Ausbildung und Unterricht

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Dear Co-Workers, I am happy to present to you and welcome our newest member Bärbel for the Association ADEPT. As you know, we encourage Cooperation: not only working next to each other, but also with each other. If you are interested in Bärbel´s work, or would like to inquire how she can help, please reach out to her. Let´s welcome Bärbel together! Amin

Come in! You can walk through the room(s)

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Our cozy office consists of four rooms: Co-Working Space (with desks) Meeting Room (up to max 5 people) Entrance/Kitchen area Sanitary Rooms (Water Closet / Shower)


Welcome to our newest Co-Working members!

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Hallo Co-Workers, On behalf of comeon Co-Working, I welcome our newest member Stadion Systems. This company is using the Virtual Office option and the occasional desks or the meeting room to meet business partners. Like you know, many Co-Workers are happy to be offering clients to meet and discuss new projects or just having a coffee. Even if you are ending up going to your clients´ place, the option gives it a professional touch. In case your client (colleague etc.)… Read More »Welcome to our newest Co-Working members!

Istanbul Desk (not very beautiful)

Your “Istanbul Desk” In Vienna

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Good Evening, Istanbul! You love the international feeling of this UN City and use our worldly feeling next to the Millennium City skyscraper? Possibly enjoy late dinner and international cousine in the next-door food corner? Come and enjoy being the boss in our premium Steelcase chair and finish the last important email of the day, sheltered by our “Silent Green” walls your work will get done without disturbance. Having your address with us, you can book your Istanbul desk once… Read More »Your “Istanbul Desk” In Vienna

New York Desk

Good morning Vienna, at my New York CoWorking Desk!

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Good Morning, New York! Good Morning, work. You want a window seat to see the bustling road and come-and-go of trucks and trade outside? You love to see the Millennium City skyscraper and have a chance to head for a walk at the Danube river for a break. Sit in our premium Steelcase chair and turn to the window for inspiration and enjoy your papers in our quiet office, as you please. Let your thoughts wander to New York while… Read More »Good morning Vienna, at my New York CoWorking Desk!

Open Doors Day (Raumteiler)

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We OPEN our DOORS for interested new Co-Workers as part of the “Raumteiler inititiave of imGrätzl” campaign in our district) Come tomorrow, October 23rd, 14 – 17 h and get to know us! No registration needed, just drop by and enjoy a cup of tea together.

New CoWorker Verein “Reines Bewußtsein”

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WELCOME: Steffi Stange is our newest CoWorker with the Association “Reines Bewußtsein” (–> Follow our Announcements on LinkedIn) It is great to have a new Hungarian/German colleague with us. I welcome you in the name of all CoWorkers !

Arne Jacobsen Banker´s Clock

What´s the time? Time for style with Arne Jacobson.

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We welcome Co-Workers coming from different time-zones around the world. To honor this, we are not only offering our international desks (Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, New York). Each desk also features the time in the respective city! Each desk has got it´s own, special, time. A very special one, that is: The unforgettable ARNE JACOBSON “Bankers” clock, originally designed for the Danish National bank in 1971. The “timeless” fashion of the clock – funny contradiction, isn´t it – inspired us in… Read More »What´s the time? Time for style with Arne Jacobson.

Dubai Desk is hot!

It can get very hot, not only in Dubai! Fortunately, inside our office, first floor, in an old Viennese building, it is fresh and cool. Who wouldn´t like to spend a hot day like this working at his desk and getting things done instead of sweating in the heat. As Co-Worker you can just that, anytime. Come and enjoy the freshness and it´s fruit: Success in business. Sit in our premium Steelcase chair and check the time in Dubai, as… Read More »Dubai Desk is hot!


Networking via LinkedIn

In order to give you another way of staying in contact and seeing what´s happening in the comeon Co-Working office, we´ve created a site on LinkedIn. Please follow us, comment, and contact us here anytime.    

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