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Verein Adept – Verein zur Weitergabe der körperlichen Zentrierung durch Vorträge, Buchveröffentlichung, Ausbildung und Unterricht

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Dear Co-Workers, I am happy to present to you and welcome our newest member Bärbel for the Association ADEPT. As you know, we encourage Cooperation: not only working next to each other, but also with each other. If you are interested in Bärbel´s work, or would like to inquire how she can help, please reach out to her. Let´s welcome Bärbel together! Amin


Welcome to our newest Co-Working members!

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Hallo Co-Workers, On behalf of comeon Co-Working, I welcome our newest member Stadion Systems. This company is using the Virtual Office option and the occasional desks or the meeting room to meet business partners. Like you know, many Co-Workers are happy to be offering clients to meet and discuss new projects or just having a coffee. Even if you are ending up going to your clients´ place, the option gives it a professional touch. In case your client (colleague etc.)… Read More »Welcome to our newest Co-Working members!

New CoWorker Verein “Reines Bewußtsein”

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WELCOME: Steffi Stange is our newest CoWorker with the Association “Reines Bewußtsein” (–> Follow our Announcements on LinkedIn) It is great to have a new Hungarian/German colleague with us. I welcome you in the name of all CoWorkers !

Co-Working Hausordnung

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Ein Office miteinander zu teilen ergibt Freude und Begegnungen. Jedoch müssen auch Regeln eingehalten werden. Damit wir gut miteinander zurecht kommen, haben wir eine Hausordnung erstellt. Diese definiert unsere Grundsätze: Vertraulich – Professionell – Gemeinschaftlich: Co-Working Hausordnung

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