Dubai Desk is hot!

Cool Dubai Desk

Cool Dubai Desk

It can get very hot, not only in Dubai!

Fortunately, inside our office, first floor, in an old Viennese building, it is fresh and cool.

Who wouldn´t like to spend a hot day like this working at his desk and getting things done instead of sweating in the heat. As Co-Worker you can just that, anytime. Come and enjoy the freshness and it´s fruit: Success in business.

Sit in our premium Steelcase chair and check the time in Dubai, as you please. Our new “Silent Green” dividers give you privacy and let you dream not only about  Dubai, but all the places you will still go.

Use your Dubai desk once a week (DAYDESK), twice a week (DOUBLE DAY DESK) or have it ready for you  any day as your FIXDESK.

Your cool Dubai Desk awaits.

When will you claim what could be yours?


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  1. […] time-zones around the world. To honor this, we are not only offering our international desks (Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, New York). Each desk also features the time in the respective […]

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